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Away with the Lotus Fairy: Chiayi man weds a goddess 嘉義男子娶「蓮花仙女」為妻


A lovelorn Chiayi man has married a goddess known as the Lotus Fairy after she appeared to him in his dreams proposing marriage. The man first visited the temple where the goddess is worshipped to help a friend express his gratitude to her.

The groom, surnamed Lin, is about 40 years old. When he was younger he missed out on a few opportunities to get married. Just over a year ago, he made a gift to express thanks to the goddess on behalf of a friend. Then a miracle happened. The friend had requested a favor from the goddess but he couldn’t afford to pay her back. When Lin found out, he had someone make a gold crown for the Lotus Fairy. Amazingly, she began to appear in his dreams to express her thanks.

Later on, the Lotus Fairy reappeared in his dreams and affectionately told him: “You’re a man of your word. I have decided to marry you.” After getting permission to marry from his parents, he went to Kaohsiung to retrieve the statue of the Lotus Fairy. With his parents as witnesses, he tied the knot with the goddess. During the unconventional wedding ceremony, a local woman was invited to play the part of the Lotus Fairy and the couple even exchanged wedding rings.

Lin’s mother said the wedding could be her son’s destiny, and the family has no problem with it. In a show of respect to her “daughter-in-law,” Lin’s family has even listed the Lotus Fairy’s name on the family spirit tablet.

It is said that the Lotus Fairy has appeared in Lin’s dreams almost every night since the marriage. Lin says that since the marriage, some inexplicable things have occurred. One time he caught a bad cold and had a blocked up nose. As he lay in bed half asleep, he smelled a delicate fragrance wafting by him, and seemed to hear his wife say, “Darling what’s the matter?” Then she sprayed some medicine up his nose and when he woke up, the congestion had cleared up.

Interestingly, Lin, the eldest son of the family, was once introduced to a prospective bride. To everyone’s surprise, his goddess “wife” got jealous and caused him some sleepless nights. She finally forgave him after much explaining.

Ruan Zhong-ren, a professor at Nanhua University’s Graduate Institute of Religious Studies, said that it’s more common to see marriages between people and ghosts than people and goddesses. Wang Chia-lin, head of the psychiatric department at Chiayi City’s Yang Ming Hospital said Lin could be emotionally frustrated and looking for a way to end his loneliness, and that he is also very pious. He added that it would be wrong to treat Lin as if he were having mental problems. Instead the issue should be approached objectively. (LIBERTY TIMES, TRANSLATED BY TAIJING WU)








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