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Famed Hope Diamond goes on display in US 著名的「希望鑽石」在美展出


For the first time, the famed and feared Hope Diamond is on display without its ornate setting.

The doors were locked, security guards took their positions and in rolled a cart, a white cloth covering its contents.

Smithsonian Institution officials lifted the cloth. “The Hope Diamond naked,” proclaimed Jeffrey Post, curator of the National Gem Collection.

The world’s largest blue diamond went on public display last week, for the first time without its ornate setting.

Perched atop a light gray display post, the 45.5-carat, walnut-size diamond will be on view by itself for several months while a new setting is prepared.

Called “Embracing Hope,” the new setting will surround the star gem in a ribbon of white diamonds. It was chosen from three proposals in an online vote, winning 45,000 out of a total 110,000 votes cast, said Cristian Samper, director of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History.

The new display is part of a celebration of the Hope Diamond’s half-century at the museum. It was donated in 1958 by jeweler Harry Winston, whose firm is preparing the new setting.

Despite being rumored to carry a curse, Post says fortune has smiled on the museum since the diamond was added to its collection, noting that it inspired many other gifts and forms the basis of the National Gem Collection.

That was Winston’s plan, he added, noting that the jeweler once commented that even though the US doesn’t have a king or queen, it should have crown jewels.

Previously the Hope Diamond has been shown in a platinum setting, surrounded by 16 white pear-shaped and cushion-cut diamonds, suspended from a chain containing forty-five diamonds. The Hope will return to this original setting in late 2010.


fortune smiles


If fortune smiles on someone, they are very lucky. In the article, the museum believes the diamond has brought good luck.

Examples: “Fortune smiled on us, and we had great weather for the entire holiday,” or “In the final minute of the game, fortune smiled on us, and the referee awarded us a penalty.”

如果說「fortune smiles on」某人,就表示他們非常幸運。上文中,博物館相信這顆鑽石為他們帶來了好運。


Formed more than a billion years ago, the diamond was mined in India and later is believed to have been part of the French crown jewels, having been stolen during the French Revolution. It later came into the possession of Henry Philip Hope, whose name it carries.

Its blue color comes from the element boron included in the stone itself. Exposed to ultraviolet light, the Hope Diamond glows red-orange.(AP)












它的藍色來自石中的硼元素。在紫外線的照射下,希望鑽石會發出紅橙色的光芒。 (美聯社╱翻譯:袁星塵)

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