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Mike the single parent rooster proves he’s no chicken 癡情奇「雞」


Mike, a popular rooster from Hunei Township, Dahu Village in Kaohsiung County recently lost his wife. Following her death, he became dejected and kept crying in sorrow, even losing all the feathers on his tail for a while. However, he recovered and started to take on the responsibilities of his deceased wife, including taking care of his chicks. His deep love and the actions he has taken are praiseworthy indeed.

Lee Huang, who runs a coffee shop based on the theme of old records in Hunei Township, received a pair of small Japanese chickens as a gift from his friend at the start of last year. Lee and his son, Lee Chi-yuan, named the rooster Mike and the hen Ashley and built them a clean and comfortable love nest.

Mike originally had a good appetite and would eat anything. Each morning when Lee Huang called his son to get out of bed, Mike would mistake the sound for the crowing of another chicken and would either cuckoo along with Lee or scream “Lee Chi-yuan” at the top of his voice. Mike’s unusual behavior made him the most popular rooster with local Hunei residents.

Lee Huang says that Mike and Ashley were deeply in love and they gave birth to seven broods with more than thirty chicks over the last year. However, not many of them survived. Then a little more than a month ago, Ashley was bitten to death by a large dog outside their house, leaving behind four newborn chicks. After witnessing the incident, Mike fell into a spiral of depression. After crying “Lee Chi-yuan” in a sorrow-stricken fashion all day long, he kept quiet for a week, looked downhearted and lost all his tail feathers.

Mike had been dissolute, but after his grieving period was over, his personality changed all of a sudden, and even his brightly-colored tail feathers grew back. He now takes his chicks outside everyday to practice searching for food. When the chicks lower their heads to peck at their food, Mike sticks his neck out and looks around to guard his young. As soon as night falls, Mike hops into the chicken nest to clean it and then calls the chicks into bed. Mike really deserves a lot of credit for the way he has taken responsibility for mothering duties.









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