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Get quicker help during emergencies by using landlines 打「市話」報案 搶救最迅速


Adults and children alike know that when an emergency occurs, the number to dial for help is 119 or 110.

But a lesser known fact is that the dispatch centers of Taiwan’s emergency services are equipped with a function that displays not only the phone number of a caller, but also the address and GPS location the call was made from. However, the system only works with landlines, and because callers are often incapable of describing their precise location to the dispatcher, the police advise everybody to use their household phone for reporting emergencies.

The National Police Agency of the Ministry of the Interior has recently started using its new 110 eDuty Command System. The system uses the operation and command center platform of police agencies, the base station position of the caller’s telephone and a latitude and longitude coordinate system to locate callers. When a call is received by the system, dispatchers can quickly ascertain the caller’s location and minimize the response time, even when the caller cannot clearly explain what sort of situation they are in.

The three most common types of telephone equipment in use are landline telephones, mobile phones and public telephones. However, many people are in the dark about the fact that by reporting emergencies over landlines, they can relay their whereabouts, as well as their phone number, to the National Police Agency and the National Fire Agency eDuty Command System. The same information cannot be collected from calls from mobile phones and public telephones, so to get a speedy response from the emergency services it‘s best to use a landline.

According to the police and fire agencies, the popularity of mobile phones in Taiwan means that people often use their handsets to report emergencies. But in the confusion of an emergency, callers often find it difficult to describe their location and give an accurate account of what has happened, so to ensure a prompt response, the police suggest using a landline.



內政部警政署啟用110e化勤務指管系統,透過警察機關的勤務指揮中心平台,導入電話基地台位置、三角定位經緯度座標系統,報案者只要系統接通電話,縱使無法描述狀況,警方也可以迅速掌握報案者的參考位置,縮短派遣以及到達現場救難的時間,消防署也建置有119救災救護報案系統,同樣具有上述功能 。





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