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Tie the knot: Female Leos the bravest to pop the question 結婚吧!星座求婚告白 獅子女最敢講


A survey shows that among the 12 astrological signs, female Leos are the bravest when it comes to popping the question, while Aries boys are the least afraid of hearing a “no” and the most likely to fight to the bitter end.

Mamajan, a blind date Web site, recently announced the results of a survey on marriage proposals. The survey found that a person’s horoscope sign correlated with his or her eagerness for going on a blind date and courage to ask for a hand in marriage. The results also showed that an Aries never worries when proposing marriage while Leos are only too anxious to let the whole world know about their marriage proposal.

About 1,200 members of the Web site, half men and half women, were polled in May with male respondents born between 1966 and 1981 and female respondents between 1975 and 1983. Another survey conducted on more than 6,000 members with a university degree or higher revealed that the combination of a male Cancer and female Leo accounted for the largest proportion of those who participated in one-on-one blind dates.

When asked whether or not they would want the girl to pop the question, 45 percent of male respondents admitted that they would because they are innately passive. However, 51 percent of male respondents said they were scared of being proposed to by girls because they felt like being forced to get married.

Interestingly, the results also showed that the best proposal gifts were “an engagement ring,” “flowers” and “a memento shared by the couple.” As many as 92 percent of male respondents said they preferred a light and surprising way of proposing while only one percent said they would humbly beg their lovers to marry them.

What kind of marriage proposals are most likely to be turned down by girls? Some examples of the top ten worst proposals are: “My mother said we should pick a day and get married,” “We should get the thing done,” “If you don’t marry now, you will be too old to give a birth to a baby,” “I need someone to cook and do the laundry for me,” and “Only I can endure your bad temper.”

On the other hand, such proposals as “I want to see you first thing in the morning when I wake up,” “I am so greedy I want to see you every day,” “Can I put your name in the spouse column on my ID card?” and “I will try my best to give you happiness for the rest of your life,” were generally considered by female respondents among the best marriage proposals for men.(LIBERTY TIMES, TRANSLATED BY THEODORE YANG)










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