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Lucky escape from Taliban bullet for British soldier 子彈穿盔 英國最幸運士兵大難不死

A handout image obtained on April 20, 2009 from the Ministry of Defence shows Private Leon Wilson wearing his helmet pierced by a Taliban bullet. The hole circled on the right of the picture is the entry hole and the one on the left where the round exited. photo: AFP

A British soldier in Afghanistan was named the luckiest man in the military after a Taliban bullet pierced his helmet — and he lived to tell the tale.

Private Leon Wilson, 32, was manning a machine gun during fighting in a village west of Lashkar Gar, southern Afghanistan, on April 10 when he was shot at, the Sun newspaper in London reported.

The AK-47 bullet — which entered one side of his helmet and came out 10cm away — missed his head by a few millimeters, passing through a forehead pad instead.

“They tell me I’m the luckiest soldier in the army,” the reservist, who is an electrician in civilian life, was quoted as saying.

“And looking at the holes in my helmet, they must be right.”









Last year a family home in Sydney was shot at 30 times in a case of mistaken identity, but amazingly none of the occupants were injured.


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