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French archbishop scoops ‘Macho of the Year’ award 法國主教抱回「年度沙豬獎」

A French feminist group awarded its “Macho of the Year” award to the archbishop of Paris for his remark that women needed not just a skirt but “something between your ears as well”.

Les Chiennes de Garde (literally “The Guard Bitches”), one of France's most outspoken women's groups, made the award ahead of International Women's Day.

Cardinal Andre Vingt-Trois made his prize-winning remark about the difficulties of recruiting women to jobs in the Roman Catholic Church last November on a radio program, causing protests.

“The hard part is finding women who are properly trained. It's not enough to have a skirt, you have to have something between your ears as well,” he said.

He later apologized for the comments, explaining that what he had meant was “that people are not accepted into the Church depending on their gender but on their personal ability”.



法國最膽大敢言的女性團體之一Les Chiennes de Garde(英文解釋是「女性看門狗」)在國際婦女節前夕宣佈了該獎項得獎人。





Roland: Did you know that last week was Universal Women’s Week?

Eugene: I did, but there’s something even more important happening this

week — it’s National Act Happy Week.

Roland: You have to be kidding! Is that a real thing?

Eugene: Of course. The organizers say that if you act happy, you will become happy.

Roland: And you believe that?

Eugene: Well, there might be a grain of truth in it. Anyway, I’m willing to try.







a grain of truth 一丁點可信之處

If a story or report has a grain of truth in it, it is partially true. For example: “Ian’s tales about his vacation had little more than a grain of truth in them.”

若說一個故事或報導中「have a grain of truth in it」,就表示其中部份屬實。例如:「易安說的那些他去渡假的故事裡只有一丁點可信的部份」。

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