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Iraq hands back Asian Cup — dents and all 伊拉克送還凹痕累累的獎盃

Iraqi captain Younis Mahmoud holds up the winning trophy during the presentation at the end of the final match of the Asian Football Cup 2007 at the Bung Karno stadium in Jakarta, July 29, 2007.


It was hailed around the world as a triumph of the spirit for a war-torn country but it seems that Iraqis could not contain their joy after winning the Asian Cup football title in 2007.

The trophy was handed over to Qatari football bosses in Doha last Sunday covered in dents inflicted during its journey around Iraq’s 18 provinces after the team’s victory in Indonesia in 2007.

“There was some damage to the trophy because of the happiness of the Iraqi people,” said Najeh Hamud, vice president of the Iraqi Football Union. “It had been thrown around between some people on its travels.”

Iraq beat Saudi Arabia 1-0 to win its first Asian Cup in the summer of 2007. Competition rules state that the winning side hand the trophy to the hosts of the next tournament well ahead of the start of the competition.

Gas-rich Qatar will host the next Asian Cup in 2011.

“The Qatari Football Union will repair it,” Hamud said, confirming that a representative had handed the trophy over in Doha.(AFP)








1. spirit n.

精神 (jing1 shen2)

例: The coach worked hard to build team spirit.


2. trophy n.

獎盃 (jiang3 bei1)

例: The chairman handed over the trophy to the champions.


3. dent n.

凹痕 (ao1 hen2)

例: I took my car into the garage to have the dents repaired.


4. host n.

主辦人 (zhu3 ban4 ren2)

例: Toby is a wonderful host, so I never miss any of

his parties.



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