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Would you like some metal with your breakfast? ??????????????

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How much metal do you eat a day? Well, if you're fit and healthy you're almost certainly eating quite a lot of iron. It might seem weird to be eating iron, which is after all the same material that is used for making nails and airplanes. Nevertheless, it is essential to carrying oxygen from your lungs and without it you'd have some serious health problems.

One of the best sources of iron is from corn flakes. In fact if you look at the ingredients of a corn flakes box you'll see that iron is listed as an ingredient. In today's experiment you will see for yourself that the iron that you eat is the same as the iron found in nails and planes.

What you will need: iron fortified corn flakes, a zipper lock bag, water and a strong magnet.




Methodology 方法

Step 1: Take the zipper lock bag and half fill it with water. Next add a cupful of corn flakes to the water. The idea is to make the cereal dissolve into a mushy fluid, so it helps if you use warm water. Keep squeezing the bag until the cereal has become a thick liquid. It might help if you leave it to dissolve for ten minutes.

Step 2: Take your magnet and press it to the side of the bag. The idea is to attract iron to the magnet, so slowly move the magnet round the bag and mix the cereal mush at the same time.

Step 3: Take a close look at your magnet. You should notice some tiny specs of iron attached to it. Continue to drag the magnet around the bag until the iron has grouped together. Open the bag and carefully slide the magnet to the top and try to remove the iron. Congratulations - now you know that there is real iron in your breakfast!





As we mentioned earlier, iron is essential to carrying oxygen from your lungs. Some cereal manufacturers add extra iron to their products in a process known as fortification, but many nutritionists doubt if our bodies can actually utilize iron in this form.  (John phillips, staff writer)

正如前面所提到的,鐵質是肺部運輸氧氣不可或缺的重要功臣。有些玉米片廠商會利用「強化程序」在產品中額外添加鐵質,但許多營養師對這類型鐵質是否能被人體吸收利用抱持懷疑的態度。 (翻譯:袁星塵)

Vocabulary 今日單字

1. iron n.

鐵 (tie3),鐵質 (tie3 zhi2)

2. oxygen n.

氧氣 (yang3 qi4)

3. ingredient n.

原料 (yuan2 liao4)

4. dissolve v.i./v.t.

溶解 (rong2 jie3)

5. manufacturer n.

廠商 (chang3 shang1)

6. nutritionist n.

營養學家 (ying2 yang3 xue2 jia1)

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