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Fido, Tiddles, Polly join war on smoking 癮君子願為寵物戒菸

A local cook sticks an anti-smoking logo on the window of his restaurant on the first day of a national smoking ban in all public places in Taipei on Jan. 11, 2009.


People who refuse to quit smoking even though they know it could damage their health may kick the habit if they believe it could harm their pet, according to an unusual study published last week.

US researchers asked adult pet owners who lived with dogs, cats or birds to respond to an Internet survey on smoking behavior. A total of 3,293 replied.

Nearly one in three of the smokers said that if they knew that second-hand smoke was bad for their pets, they would give up tobacco.

By comparison, among the non-smokers who lived with a smoker, only 16.4 percent said they would ask their partner to quit if their pet were at risk.

The paper says there is a lot of evidence that passive smoking is as bad for household animals as it is for humans, but many smoking pet-owners are unaware of this risk.

“Educational campaigns informing pet owners of the risks of (second-hand smoke) exposure for pets could motivate some owners to quit smoking,” the study suggests.









1. researcher n.

研究員 (yan2 jiu4 yuan2)

例: Jenny is working as a researcher in Antarctica.


2. partner n.

同居人 (tong2 ju1 ren2),伴侶 (ban4 lü3)

例: Walter has been with his partner for seven years.


3. unaware adj.

不知道的 (bu4 zhi1 dao4 de5)

例: It surprising how many people are unaware of their country's history.


4. motivate v.t.

刺激 (ci4 ji1)

例: The coach spent the last few minutes before the game motivating his players.


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