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Bosnians gather at shoe-throwing protest against politicians 波士尼亞人丟鞋嗆政要

A few hundred Bosnians showed their anger at political leaders in a shoe-throwing protest in Sarajevo inspired by an Iraqi journalist’s footwear attack on George W. Bush.

Young and old alike threw shoes in downtown Sarajevo at effigies of leading politicians.

Shoes were provided by the protest organizers but some protestors brought their own old footwear.

In their Facebook event page, the organizers urged “citizens to wish a happy New Year to our government leaders by throwing shoes of warning at them.”

Iraqi journalist Muntazer al-Zaidi threw both his shoes at Bush during a Baghdad press conference in mid December in protest at the outgoing US leader’s Iraq policy.

The incident already inspired a Bosnian website to create an online game inviting users to fling virtual shoes at the country’s top Serb leader, Milorad Dodik.









1. inspire v.i./v.t.

啟發 (qi3 fa1),驅使 (qu1 shi3)

例: The prospect of a bonus inspired the sales team to work harder. (想到有機會拿獎金,銷售團隊工作得更起勁了。)

2. footwear n.

鞋 (xie2)

例: The sign instructed us to remove our footwear before entering the temple. (這個告示牌告訴我們,進入寺廟前要先把鞋子脫掉。)

3. effigy n.

肖像 (xiao4 xiang4)

例: The protestors defaced an effigy of the politician. (抗議民眾毀損那名政治人物的肖像。)

4. fling v.i./v.t.

扔擲 (reng1 zhi2)

例: "Just fling your bag anywhere," said Oliver.


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