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‘Take my dog! He looks like David Bowie!’ 「大衛鮑伊」明星臉狗狗遭棄養!

Lots of unwanted dogs turn up at the doorstep of Britain’s biggest dog charity. So do some odd excuses from the people who bring them in.

With Christmas closing in, Dogs Trust released the Top 10 dubious reasons its staff has heard over the past year for dumping Fido at one of its shelters.

“My dog doesn’t match the sofa,” was number one, followed by: “The dog looks evil and has different colored eyes — just like David Bowie.”

“My black dog doesn’t match the new white carpet. Can we swap him for a white dog?” was at number three.

Other excuses: “My pet guinea pig got worried with a dog in the house... The dog opened all the presents on Christmas Eve.” Then there is the puppy given as a gift to an elderly couple with dementia.

“Having a dog is a long-term commitment,” said Dogs Trust chief executive Clarissa Baldwin, who came up with the slogan — “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas” — 30 years ago this year.(AFP)








1. excuse n.

理由 (li3 you2)

例: I wish Clarissa would stop making excuses, and start to take responsibility for her mistakes.


2. dump v.i./v.t.

拋棄 (pao1 qi4),傾倒 (qing1 dao4)

例: Ian was fined for dumping trash in a lake.


3. match v.i./v.t.

相配 (xiang1 pei4)

例: Ivor was looking for a sofa to match his carpet.


4. elderly adj.

年長的 (nian2 zhang3 de5)

例: I met an elderly man at the flower market this



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