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NY public toilets feature TVs, tuxedoed attendants 紐約公廁配備電視和燕尾服侍者

People gathered in Times Square, New York, US, react as they watch election results favorable to Barack Obama on Nov. 4, 2008 in New York.


What a relief! The free public restrooms operated by the Charmin toilet paper company in Times Square during the holidays are being rolled out for another year.

It’s the third straight year for the 20 deluxe stalls.

The plush potties feature flat-screen televisions and attendants dressed in tuxedos.

The toilets are so luxurious that Charmin promises Times Square tourists will feel like kings sitting on their thrones before making their royal flushes.

The toilets were opened last Monday with a ceremonial first flush by pop singer and Broadway star Joey Fatone.

They will be open every day through the end of the year except Christmas Day. For the first time they will be open for the crowd watching the 2009 ball drop.(AP)









1. straight adj.

連續的 (lian2 xu4 de5)

例: Nelson refused to eat for the second straight day.


2. attendant n.

服務員 (fu2 wu4 yuan2)

例: The flight attendants brought us coffee after our meals.


3. luxurious adj.

豪華的 (hao2 hua2 de5)

例: Trevor was amazed at how luxurious his brother's house was.


4. ceremonial adj.

正式的 (zheng4 shi4 de5)

例: The king arrived in his ceremonial outfit.


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