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Speeding biker in YouTube video jailed 飆車畫面貼上網 騎士判入獄

Brody Wilson from the US performs on his motorbike during the “Night Of The Jumps” freestyle MX World Championship in Belgrade, Serbia, on Sept. 27 2008.九月二十七日,美國車手布洛帝.威爾森在塞爾維亞貝爾格勒的世界自由式越野摩托車錦標賽「跳躍之夜」中表演。照片:歐新社


A motorcyclist who posted a video on the Internet of himself riding at speeds up to 208kph and doing dangerous stunts in Britain was jailed for 12 weeks.

A clip posted on video-sharing website YouTube showed 28-year-old Sandor Ferenci performing a variety of motorcycle tricks, including wheelies and skids, on his Yamaha R6 bike as well as racing on the wrong side of the road near Oxford, central England, in June.

Prosecutors said a motorist who observed Ferenci’s stunts took down his registration number and passed it to police, who traced him to his home.

When officers, at the time unaware of the Internet clip, arrived to question him, Ferenci immediately asked: “Is this about the YouTube video?”

Police then viewed the footage, filmed by a friend from various angles, which showed Ferenci performing skids, wheelies, wheelspins, causing the tyres to smoke and driving at excessive speeds.

Though prosecutors were not able to specify the maximum speed he had driven at, they estimated he may have reached speeds of up to 208kph.

Judge Terence Maher told the court that he intended to make an example of Ferenci. The judge said that Ferenci, who works as a caregiver for an elderly woman, posed a risk to both himself and other road users, adding that the 12-week sentence was intended to send a message that “if you drive in this way and are caught, serious consequences will follow.”

In addition to the jail sentence, Ferenci, who pleaded guilty to two counts of dangerous driving, was also barred from driving for two years and told he would have to take an extended driving test before he is allowed on the road again. (AFP)



Quentin: I saw that video you posted on YouTube.

Ian: Thanks. Did you enjoy it?

Quentin: Well, I thought it was funny but why do you always have to make an exhibition of yourself?

Ian: I don’t! Name one other time when I’ve done that?

Quentin: Well how about the time you ran naked down the street?

Ian: Oh yeah, I’d forgotten about that.







make an exhibition of yourself 丟人現眼

If a person makes an exhibition of themselves, they are acting in a foolish and outlandish way to deliberately attract attention.

如果某人「make an exhibition of themselves」,就表示他們做出愚蠢又古怪的行為,故意想引人注目。








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