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Woman savaged by kangaroo, saved by dog 狗英雄驅退袋鼠救主

A mother and her joey in Sydney on May 19, 2008.


An elderly Australian woman knocked over and savaged by a large kangaroo was saved when a dog rushed to her aid and chased the animal away.

Rosemary Neal, from western New South Wales, was attacked by a male kangaroo estimated to be up to 2m tall and weighing 100kg as she crossed a field to check her horses, her son Darren said.

“The kangaroo had just jumped up and launched straight at her. He hit her once and she just dropped and rolled,” he said.

“My dog heard her screaming and bolted down and chased him off. If it wasn’t for the dog she’d probably be dead.”

The 65-year-old woman was taken to hospital after the attack.

“Her face has been ripped apart, her hand has been mauled and she’s got scratches all over her back and a concussion,” Darren Neal said.

The region near the town of Mudgee had been overrun by kangaroos in recent years, he said.

“The whole town has been complaining about these kangaroos. You can’t drive down the street without swerving to miss them,” he said.












1. elderly adj.

年長的 (nian2 zhang3 de5)

例: Bill gave his seat to an elderly passenger.


2. estimate v.t.

估計 (gu1 ji4)

例: The gardener estimated the price for mowing the lawn.


3. concussion n.

腦震盪 (nao3 zhen4 dang4)

例: Ray had a mild concussion after his accident.


4. overrun v.i./v.t.

氾濫 (fan4 lan4),侵擾 (qin1 rao3)

例: This village used to be beautiful but it has been overrun by tourists. (這個村落以前很優美,最近卻是遊客多到人滿為患。)

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