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Giant Taiwanese beetles seized in the US 台灣大甲蟲在美國入境無門

This photo was released last Wednesday by the US Customs and Border Protection Agency. It shows one of the more than two dozen giant beetles seized from a package sent from Taiwan.


Customs agents in the US seized more than two dozen giant beetles from a package. The beetles were found when postal workers heard the insects making scratching noises.

The large bugs arrived earlier this month from Taiwan at a post office in Mohnton, Pennsylvania. The box was labeled as toys, gifts and jellies.

“The specimens were some of the largest of their kind, averaging five to six inches in diameter,” said John Plummer, an agriculture specialist. “They are highly destructive insect pests.”

In all, authorities found 26 Hercules, rhinoceros and Goliath beetles. It is illegal to ship live beetles into the US without a permit from the Department of Agriculture.

Seven of the beetles were in containers labeled by gender. That means they could have been intended for breeding, said customs agency spokesman Steve Sapp.

The sender and recipient have been identified, Sapp said. No decision has been made whether to file charges, he said.










Today's Words 今日單字

1. customs n.

海關 (hai3 guan1)

例: Ava got a job working in customs.


2. seize v.t./v.i.

沒收 (mo4 shou1)

例: The teacher seized the dirty magazine.


3. specimen n.

樣本 (yang4 ben3)

例: What kind of specimen is that you're holding?


4. file charges v. phr.

提起訴訟 (ti2 qi3 su4 song4)

例: Did your parents file charges against the robber?


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