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Banksy headlines graffiti art festival in London 班克希倫敦宣揚塗鴉藝術

A painting by Banksy that is part of the Cans Festival is seen on May 2, 2008, in London.


Graffiti impresario Banksy and a group of airbrush-wielding guerrilla artists blanketed the walls of a disused south London tunnel with offbeat murals earlier this month.

The subversive British tagger turned art-house sensation marshaled more than three dozen international artists for what he is calling the Cans Festival.

“I’m hoping we can transform a dark forgotten filth pit into an oasis of beautiful art — in a dark forgotten filth pit,” Banksy said.

Festival spokeswoman Jo Brooks said Cans features at least one work from 40 international artists and collectives which sport names such as Bandit, Schhh and Pure Evil. The festival’s name is a play on the famous French film extravaganza Cannes.

Among Banksy’s pieces are security cameras growing from a tree, a hooded figure cutting itself with a knife and a worker spraying over ancient cave drawings, Brooks said.

Another work depicts the pope pushing down his fluttering robes in an imitation of Marilyn Monroe by Norwegian artist Dolk.

The exhibition was approved by Eurostar, which manages the site. It’s a sign of how far the Bristol-raised artist — who has refused to give his real name — has come since he began his graffiti career in the 1980s and 1990s.

Most of Banksy’s paintings had a wickedly ironic and a strongly anti-authoritarian bent. (His tag of two uniformed policemen locked in a passionate kiss is a longtime favorite). Most of it also was quickly removed.

The Cans Festival, which was free, encouraged visitors to contribute their own art to the exhibit. There were some rules, albeit firmly tongue-in-cheek.

“Painting outside the designated area may well result in prosecution,” the festival’s Web site warned.(AP)


Charlotte: What are you up to?

Ryan: I’m just listening to some KRS-One.

Charlotte: Back in the day I used to listen to his music. I didn’t know that you knew about him.

Ryan: Yeah, I’ve been listening to a lot of old school hip hop lately.

Charlotte: I’ll have to let you borrow some of my old CDs.






back in the day 舊時光

Back in the day refers to the old days or the way things used to be. For example, “Back in the day I spent all summer drinking Kool-Aid and shooting hoops.”

「back in the day」是指舊時光,或事物以前的模樣。例如:「我以前一整個夏天都在喝Kool-Aid和玩套圈圈」。











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