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Man sings from convenience store roof to protest high gas prices 美國男子屋頂高歌抗議高油價

Presidential hopeful Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks about gas prices at a petrol station in South Bend, Indiana, US, on April 30, 2008.


A man with a guitar and a megaphone climbed atop a convenience store roof. He then sang to commuters with his musical protest of high gasoline prices.

Jay Weinberg stood atop the roof of the Family Express store earlier this month in Indiana, US. With gasoline pumps nearby dispensing fuel at US$3.78 (NT$115) per gallon (3.79 liters), he performed his song called Price Gouge’n.

Dozens of supporters chanted: I can’t afford it. I’m banging on my dashboard. I can’t believe they think I’m a fool.

The performance lasted about 15 minutes before three police officers arrived and arrested Weinberg. They charged him with trespassing. Police said he was cooperative.

The crowd was made up of Weinberg’s friends and other people who just happened to be pumping gas. They continued singing after Weinberg was taken away.

Then some, including his wife, Danielle, drove to Porter County Jail to bail him out.

Weinberg left the building and was greeted with cheers.(STAFF WRITER, WITH AP)


這個月初,傑.溫伯格站在美國印第安那州「Family Express」超商的屋頂上,表演他的創作歌曲「價格詐欺」,抗議附近加油站的汽油供應價格為每加侖(三點七九公升)三點七八美元(約合新台幣一百一十五元)。







1. commuter n.

通勤者 (tong1 qin2 zhe3)

例: The commuters were stuck in traffic.


2. dispense v.t./v.i.

供應 (gong1 ying4)

例: The machine dispenses soda.


3. dashboard n.

儀表板 (yi2 biao2 ban3)

例: My car has a black dashboard.


4. trespass v.i.

擅自侵入 (shan4 zi4 qin1 ru4)

例: Pepe got in trouble for trespassing.


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