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Fish sent into space 坐火箭升空的魚

Space shuttle Atlantis lifts off from launch pad 39-A through the clouds at Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, Florida, US on Feb. 7, 2008.


German scientists have launched a rocket carrying 72 small fish on a short space flight. The researchers wanted to study motion sickness.

The fish, cichlids, were put in an unmanned rocket. Professor Reinhard Hilbig was in charge of the project.

The thumbnail-sized fish were filmed as they swam around in small aquariums. Because they were in space they were weightless during the 10-minute space flight.

The German team will now study the video to see if some of the fish swam in circles. That is what fish do when they experience motion sickness.

The scientists hope the experiment can help them understand why only some people experience motion sickness. The mechanisms involved are similar for both fish and humans.

Hilbig said the fish landed safely and appeared to be in good condition.

"They were very happy, I think they want to have another flight," he said.

Hilbig said that cichlids were a good choice, "Goldfish are a little bit fat and messy, while the cichlid fish is a well-trained, sporty fish with muscles," he said. (STAFF WRITER WITH AP)











1. motion sickness n. phr.

動暈症 (dong4 yun1 zheng4)

例: I suffer from motion sickness in cars.


2. unmanned adj.

無人駕駛的 (wu2 ren2 jia4 shi3 de5)

例: Some of the trains on the MRT are unmanned.


3. weightless adj.

無重力的 (wu2 zhong4 li4 de)

例: People are weightless in space.


4. mechanism n.

機制 (ji1 zhi4) ,機械結構 (ji1 xie4 jie2 gou4)

例: The two consoles have similar mechanisms.


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