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Students get paid to study 付錢請學生讀書

Russian First Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev speaks with a student as he holds his son during a visit to the Moscow Lomonosov State University in Moscow, on Jan. 25, 2008.


A high school in the southern US state of Georgia is offering students money for extra study. Students who are weak in math and science will get US$8 (NT$260) an hour to go to study hall .

"The kids are very enthusiastic ," said Mike Robinson, the principal of Creekside High School in Fairburn, near Atlanta.

Forty students - 20 from middle school and 20 high-schoolers - were chosen because of their poor grades. They were invited to go to two-hour remedial classes twice a week. The money is given by a private foundation .

Everyone who was chosen was at the first session, said Robinson.

At the end of the 15-week experiment, a student who went to every session would be 480 dollars richer - and be able to work that out.

"You know, in our community, you have to be really creative to get some students interested," said Robinson. "I think this ... is going to work," added the principal of the Creekside High, which has 2,500 students.(STAFF WRITER, WITH AFP)








1. study hall n. phr.

自習室 (zi4 xi2 shi4),自修時間 (zi4 xiu1 shi2 jian1)

例: I have study hall from 4pm till 6pm.


2. enthusiastic adj.

熱中的 (re4 zhong1 de5)

例: My brother is enthusiastic about the camping trip.


3. remedial adj.

補救的 (bu3 jiu4 de5)

例: Remedial classes can help students catch up.


4. foundation n.

基金會 (ji1 jin1 hui4)

例: Grandpa left his money to a foundation.


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