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Three moms and a baby 三個老媽一個娃

Right: Dolphin baby Dolly (top), born on Aug. 4, 2007, and its mother Delphi swim in the pool at a zoo in Duisburg, Germany, Sep. 20, 2007.Photo: EPA

A two-month old dolphin calf at an aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, is being nursed by three females.

While it is known that female bottle-nose dolphins can spontaneously make milk if there is a calf, there isn't much recorded about it. So the aquarium staff are watching closely.

The unnamed calf was born to a dolphin named Jade, who is being helped in her nursing duties by the mother-daughter team of Chesapeake and Shiloh.

Aquarium officials are compiling a list of possible names for the calf, which appears to be doing very well.

The 90cm long, 16.33kg calf is nursing regularly, swimming more on its own and has begun to interact with the trainers and toys, the aquarium said.

Dolphin calves are fragile and not easily handled during their first two to three months of life, so trainers at the aquarium are leaving the nursing duties to its mother and her helpers.










1. nurse v.t.

照料 (zhao4 liao4),餵奶 (wei4 nai3)

例: The mommy dog is nursing her puppies.


2. spontaneously adv.

自動地 (zi4 dong4 di5)

例: We didn't plan the trip; it just sort of happened spontaneously.


3. interact v.i./v.t.

互動 (hu4 dong4)

例: Terrence doesn't interact well with others.


4. fragile adj.

脆弱的 (cui4 ruo4 de5)

例: Be careful! That vase is fragile.


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