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Outlaw racer tears across the US 違規車手打破橫跨美國紀錄

Alexandar Roy with his BMW M5 in New York City, Nov. 11, 2007.本月十一日,亞歷山德,羅伊在紐約市與他的寶馬M5合影留念。Photo: NYT

An extreme sports fan said earlier this month that he has broken the record for the fastest Cannonball Run across the US. To do so, he defied police and speed traps.

Alexandar Roy, 35, said he drove across 13 states in 31 hours and four minutes. To avoid getting in trouble with the police, he won't give exact dates.

Roy traveled the 4,496km from New York to Santa Monica, California, at an average speed of 145kph. At times he reached top speeds of 257kph. He broke the previous record, set in 1983, by more than an hour.

The American driver of German origin set the record at the wheel of his blue BMW stamped with "Team Polizei." He traveled with a cameraman to document the event.

He equipped his car with police scanners and radar detectors in a bid to avoid speed traps.

He added that normally he's a very careful driver who has only been given one speeding ticket in the past five years.(Staff Writer, with AFP)








1. cannonball n.

砲彈 (pao4 dan4)

例: Cannonballs are very heavy.


2. defy v.t.

使...落空 (shi3 ... luo4 kong1),蔑視 (mie4 shi4)

例: He defied all expectations to win the race.


3. scanner n.

掃描器 (sao3 miao2 qi4)

例: What kind of scanners are in the hospital?


4. radar detector n.

雷達偵測器 (lei2 da2 zhen1 ce4 qi4)

例: Todd's dad has a radar detector in his car.


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