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Lenin shall stand, Germans say 德國最後一座列寧銅像

The last major statue of Vladimir Lenin still standing in Germany, Nov. 8, 2007. PHOTO: AFP

The last major statue of Vladimir Lenin still standing in Germany has been granted a reprieve. Local authorities in the northern city of Schwerin, formerly part of communist East Germany, said they have decided against removing the four-meter bronze likeness of the communist revolutionary and founder of the Soviet Union.

They agreed, however, to add a plaque to the statue that will explain Lenin's often brutal political legacy and also point out that on the maternal side his family had strong links to the local region of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

The decision followed a divisive, two-year debate as to whether the statue should suffer the same fate as one that long towered over a square in communist East Berlin.

That statue of Lenin was toppled after the fall of the communist regime in 1989 in a memorable operation of which footage was included in the 2003 international hit film Good Bye Lenin!

The debate in Schwerin was instigated by a member of the municipal council whose father was deported to the Soviet Union and shot in the 1950s for opposing communism.

Christoph Priesemann, from the liberal opposition Free Democratic Party, described Lenin as the "worst tyrant of the 20th century" and demanded that the statute be demolished.

But others, including members of the political successor to the communist party that once ruled East Germany, countered that this would amount to "tearing up a page of German history."







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check something (or someone) out 去看看

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「check something (or someone) out」表示去看看那件事或人,例如:「你一定要去基隆夜市看一看」。





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