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More heart screening needed for athletes 運動員多「觀」心

Ryan Shay competes in the 2005 ING New York City Marathon, Nov. 6,2005. PHOTO: AP

Having an enlarged heart is the biggest cause of sudden death among young athletes, and some experts say more and better screening is needed.

Too often, heart problems that can cause an irregular heartbeat and sudden death are missed, said Dr. Lori Mosca, who works at New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

Mosca spoke at an American Heart Association meeting in Florida where cardiologists have been talking about the death of Ryan Shay. Earlier this month the 28-year-old runner was competing in New York in the men's marathon Olympic trials when he died suddenly.

According to his father, Shay had an enlarged heart that was first diagnosed when he was 14. But whether that contributed to his death isn't yet known.

"It's hard on all of us when something like this happens to a person who is doing all the right things as far as we can tell," said Mosca, a marathon runner herself. "We have to use this as an example to try to prevent future problems."

About 125 athletes under 35 involved in organized sports die of sudden death in the US each year, said Dr. Barry J. Maron of the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation. The vast majority are cardiac-related.

Maron said many of the cardiac diseases that can lead to sudden death can be spotted through screening. She helped write heart association guidelines that aid doctors in screening athletes.

"Even with an evaluation, there's no guarantee that you can prevent sudden death," Mosca said. "What ultimately happens is a balancing of the risk of participating in sports against the benefits."

Shay had had medical tests last spring and was cleared for running, according to his father, Joe Shay. He said his son hadn't complained of any problems.


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