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Sunday Science: Make your own bouncy ball 週日科學: 自製彈跳球

Welcome to Sunday Science! Every Sunday during the summer, we're going to guide you through some cool experiments that you can do at home. It's a good idea for you to keep a record of what you do in a Science Journal. That way you can record what you learn, compare results and maybe use them to design new experiments! Have a look at the Science Journal box for some ideas to get you started. Remember always ask a grown-up's permission before trying out an experiment. 歡迎閱讀《週日科學版》!在暑假期間,我們每週日都要為你介紹可以在家中進行的有趣科學實驗。你可以在《科學日誌》中記錄自己做了哪些活動,這樣就可以將所學的紀錄下來,比較這些結果,也許還可以利用它們來設計新的實驗!先看一下《科學日誌》的點子再開始吧。展開實驗之前,記得要獲得大人許可喔!


Today we are going to make a bouncy ball. This experiment is best done by the sink.

What you will need:

Childsafe glue (PVAc)

Borax (be careful, borax is toxic and should not be eaten)


A tap

Food coloring

A disposable chopstick (for stirring)

A cut-off plastic bottle or disposable plastic cup

A disposable soup spoon (for measuring - holds 20ml)

A cup (for holding the cornstarch)

▲ Put a spoonful of cornstarch into a cup.

▲ Put a spoonful of glue into the bottle. Wash the spoon with warm water. Dry the spoon.

▲ Add a drop of food coloring to the glue. Mix in well.

▲ Measure out an eighth of a spoonful of borax.

Carefully sprinkle the borax evenly over the surface of the glue. Don't stir it!

▲ Add the cornstarch on top of the glue and borax. Do not stir it.

▲ Count to 15.

▲ Using the chopstick, stir the mixture until it is all clinging to the chopstick.

▲ Remove the mixture from the bottle. Place it between your palms. Turn on the cold water tap and roll the mixture into a ball shape underneath the running tap.

▲ When the ball feels firm you can turn off the water. Wait a couple of minutes for the ball to dry out and then try bouncing it! Be careful where you leave your ball - others might mistake it for food. It musn't be eaten! If you want to keep your ball, store it in a ziplock bag.(CATHERINE THOMAS, STAFF WRITER)












▲ 舀一匙玉米澱粉到杯中。

▲ 再裝一匙的白膠到瓶中。用溫水沖洗湯匙,然後擦乾。

▲ 滴一滴食用色素至白膠中,攪拌均勻。

▲ 準備八分之一匙的硼砂。仔細地將硼砂平均撒在白膠上,先不要攪拌!

▲ 再將玉米澱粉舖在上面,也先不要攪拌。

▲ 默數到十五。

▲ 開始用筷子攪拌,直到所有的東西都黏在筷子上為止。

▲ 將成品從瓶中取出,放在雙掌間。打開水龍頭的冷水,將混合物邊沖水邊搓成一個小球的形狀。

▲ 當小球質地變硬不再黏糊,就把水關起來。等待數分鐘讓小球完全乾了後,就可以測試它的彈跳力了。小心收好彈跳球,以免有人誤食!如果想保持球的彈性,可以把球收在夾鏈袋中。(翻譯:袁星塵)

Science Journal 科學日誌

What do you know about glue? What about the reaction between borax and glue? How about cornstarch? What kind of substance do you get if you mix water with cornstarch?


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