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No clinking leads to boom 不存錢就爆炸

Right: Tomy employee Mei Kudo displays an exploding piggy bank "Savings Bomb" in Tokyo, Nov. 9, 2007.PHOTO:AFP

Japan has a new weapon to scare people into saving for their old age - an exploding piggy bank.

The "Savings Bomb," which goes on sale in Japan next week, "explodes" and scatters coins if users don't put money in for a long time, toy manufacturer Tomy Co. Ltd. said last week.

The battery-powered toy - designed as a cartoon-style, ball-shaped black bomb with a skull and crossbones logo - lights up, makes a noise, shakes very hard and scatters coins if coins are not added for a long time.

"Users must pick up and collect the scattered coins and reflect on their laziness," the Japanese company said.

Japan has the world's oldest population and because people aren't having many babies, many are worried about old people being taken care of in the future.(STAFF WRITER, WITH AFP)








1. weapon n.

利器 (li4 qi4),武器 (wu3 qi4)

例: "Drop your weapon," the policeman said.


2. save v.i./v.t.

儲蓄 (chu2 xu4)

例: I'm saving up for a new bike helmet.


3. explode v.i./v.t.

爆開 (bao4 kai1)

例: The bottle exploded, spilling pills everywhere.


4. scatter v.i./v.t.

撒 (sa3)

例: The farmer scattered the seed on his field.


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