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Beached bananas 沙灘上的香蕉

A "treasure" hunter gathers his booty on Nov. 7, 2007.PHOTO: AFP

Thousands of bananas washed up on two Dutch North Sea islands last week. The bananas came from containers that fell off a ship in a storm.

"I think everybody on the island has a bunch now," said Gossen Buren, a shipping official.

A 1km stretch of beach on Terschelling Island was littered with bunches of the unripe fruit from Cuba. Bananas also washed up on neighboring Ameland Island.

Terschelling residents are no strangers to stuff turning up on their beach. A year ago thousands of tennis shoes, briefcases and toys washed ashore.

Plenty of people came last week for a look, Buren said, "but not as many as when we had the sneakers."

Buren said he hadn't tasted any of the bananas to see if they were salty. "[They] still look pretty green," he said.

It wasn't immediately clear what would happen to the bananas. Buren said some locals had suggested sending them to nearby zoos.










1. container n.

貨櫃 (huo4 gui4)

例: What's in the container?


2. unripe adj.

未成熟的 (wei4 cheng2 shou2 de5)

例: Lance's stomach feels funny because he ate unripe fruit.


3. resident n.

居民 (ju1 min2)

例: Will Catherine ever be considered a resident?


4. immediately adv.

即刻地 (ji2 ke4 di5)

例: "Do the report immediately!" the boss said.


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