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Fancy cars on display in Vegas 拉斯維加斯酷炫車展

A pick-up truck with BBQ and TV.

Photo: AFP

Late last month many special cars were displayed at a car show in Las Vegas.

One company introduced a special kind of car wheel that has a television in the middle. People can watch TV by looking at the wheels.

The company hopes to sell the wheels to taxi drivers and bus companies. They could play advertisements on the wheels.

A pick-up truck on display featured a giant TV that folds out from the trunk and a built-in BBQ grill. People could pull over to the side of the road and watch TV while cooking dinner.

One item on display was very impressive but probably wouldn't be allowed on open roads. It was a device that makes it so cars can shoot a 2m flame from the back exhaust.

"How cool is that?" said Kevin Dickinson, who works for the company that makes the device.(Staff Writer, with AFP)









1. advertisement n.

廣告 (guang3 gao4)

例: The last advertisement was very funny.


2. trunk n.

後車廂 (hou4 che1 xiang1)

例: What is in your car trunk?


3. impressive adj.

令人印象深刻的 (ling4 ren2 yin4 xiang4 shen1 ke4 de5)

例: That was a very impressive move.


4. exhaust n.

排氣管 (pai2 qi4 guan3)

例: There's a problem with my car's exhaust.


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