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Men feel macho need for speed 追求極度快感的「正港男子漢」

Tony Raines, driving car number 96, crashes into Elliot Sadler during the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series UAW-Ford 500 at Talladega Superspeedway, Talladega, US, Oct. 7, 2007.


Young men drive fast because speed is perceived as inherently male, a team of Swiss and German researchers claimed in a study released last month.

The scientists at the Universities of Zurich, Neuchatel and Heidelberg found that men who were exposed to a "typically male environment" drove "significantly" faster than when they were in female or neutral environments.

The study involved 83 male students aged 20 to 27, who were placed in driving simulators, Neuchatel psychology professor Marianne Schmid Mast said.

They accelerated when they were played words such as "muscle" or "beard" - which were taken to evoke masculine traits - over the car radio in the simulated male environment.

In the female environment, words like "lipstick" or "pink" were played and they drove about 2km an hour slower. Similar results were found with the simulated neutral environment - words like "table" or "chair."

The study was prompted by concern about the high proportion of young men involved in road accidents linked to speeding. Schmid Mast said the results were statistically significant.

"The link between a macho attitude and aggressive driving has often been evoked but it hadn't been demonstrated," she said.

The researchers said the findings could help design road safety campaigns that dissociate speed from masculinity, such as by showing seven times Formula One motor racing champion Michael Schumacher driving slowly on normal roads.

Schmid Mast said she hoped to conduct a similar study with a group of women.(Afp)





Chaz: What are you up to, Ricky?

Ricky: I'm just modifying the engine in my car so it drives faster.

Chaz: What are you doing that for?

Ricky: Ever since I was little, I've felt the need for speed.

Chaz: Really! I have to say I'm a bit surprised because you have such an easygoing personality.






the need for speed 極速快感

People who feel the need for speed want to go really fast. It could refer to many things, such as driving, running or doing homework. For example, "Let's go out for a run. I feel the need for speed."

感覺「the need for speed」的人希望追求極速快感,可以用在許多地方,如:開車、跑步、做功課等。例如:「我們出去跑步吧,我想要來點速度感」。








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