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Donkeys help clean up Sicily 西西里的垃圾驢

A garbage man and a donkey collect trash in Castelbuono, Sicily, Oct. 30, 2007.


The Sicilian town of Castelbuono has replaced garbage trucks with donkeys. The town wants to save money as well as help the environment.

Since last February, six donkeys have replaced the four garbage trucks in the town of 10,000 people.

By replacing garbage trucks with donkeys "we are making savings and making the world a better place," Castelbuono mayor Mario Cicero said.

A donkey costs around 1,200 euros (NT$56,000) to buy, plus about 2,000 euros a year for food and cleaning. A garbage truck costs about 30,000 euros and needs about 7,000 euros per year for maintenance, Cicero added.

The donkeys have picked up nearly 140 tonnes of garbage, according to the mayor.

Each carrying two wooden boxes, the donkeys are accompanied by garbage men.

Several other towns in Italy are believed to have followed Castelbuono's lead.(Staff Writer, with AFP)









1. garbage truck n.

垃圾車 (le4 se4 che1)

例: Garbage trucks are smelly.


2. environment n.

環境 (huan2 jing4)

例: Recycling helps keep the environment clean.


3. maintenance n.

維修 (wei2 xiu1)

例: Maintenance on a used car can be expensive.


4. accompany v.i./v.t.

陪伴 (pei2 ban4)

例: "Who's going to accompany you to the dance?" Mom asked.


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