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Maggie moves house 大象'梅姬'搬家囉!

Maggie the elephant looks through her cage at the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage, Alaska on Oct. 27, 2007.


The elephant in the picture is called Maggie. Maggie is 25. She has lived in a zoo in Alaska, to the northwest of Canada, since 1983.

Yesterday Maggie moved to California, in the west of the US. California is much warmer than Alaska. Her new home is at the Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).

Maggie has been all alone in Alaska since the zoo's other elephant, Annabelle, died in 1997. Her new home is much nicer than her old one. In Alaska she lived in an elephant house with concrete floors and a small outside area. Her new home has 30 acres, and she will share it with nine other elephants.

Maggie was Alaska's only elephant, so some people wanted to keep her in Alaska. Other people felt sorry for Maggie, because she lived alone and hadn't been very well.

In the end a retired television game show host, Bob Barker, promised to donate $750,000 (NT$24.4 million) for her care in California.

Last weekend hundreds of people attended a two-day going away party for Maggie at the zoo. Many wrote special goodbye wishes on long sheets of white paper hung up at the elephant house.

(catherine Thomas, staff writer, with AP)









1. performing adj.

表演的 (biao3 yan3 de5)

例: Many of the animals at the shelter used to be performing animals in the circus.


2. concrete adj.

水泥的 (shui3 ni2 de5)

例: Sam walked along the concrete wall.


3. retired adj.

退休的 (tui4 xiu1 de5)

例: Terrence is a retired schoolteacher.


4. donate v.t./v.i.

捐贈 (juan1 zeng4)

例: Sam donated NT$200 to the orphanage.


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