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Skunk saved and nobody got sprayed 臭鼬獲救且沒有人被臭氣噴到

The skunk walks on a sidewalk in Carrollton, US, Oct. 4, 2007. 這隻臭鼬十月四日行走在美國卡羅頓市的人行道上


A skunk got its head stuck in a salad dressing jar. But he was saved by a Michigan police officer earlier this month.

The skunk, head in jar, wandered into a police station parking lot. It was spotted by Officer James Kellett.

Kellett wanted to help, but was not interested in being sprayed by the skunk. So he grabbed a pellet gun and shot at the jar from a safe distance.

The shots cracked and shattered the jar. The skunk was left with a glass collar around its neck. With its head free, the skunk ran off.

"I didn't want to use deadly force, and it is a residential area," Kellett said.

"The way he was when he took off, he was able to eat, breathe and spray -- and do anything else skunks like to do."(Staff Writer, with AFP)









1. wander v.i./v.t.

遊蕩 (you2 dang4)

例: Max wandered around the city last night.


2. spray v.i./v.t.

散發 (san4 fa1),噴灑 (pen1 sa3)

例: You don't want to get sprayed by a skunk.


3. pellet gun n.

空氣槍 (kong1 qi4 qiang1)

例: Dean got a pellet gun for his birthday.


4. shatter v.i./v.t.

粉碎 (fen3 sui4)

例: The glass shattered when Sue dropped it.


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