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Sharks need everyone's help 鯊魚需要大家的幫忙

A hammerhead shark swims at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, US, Oct. 27, 2005. 二oo五年十月二十七日,一之槌頭雙髻鯊悠游於美國亞特蘭大市的喬治亞水族館內


Sharks are feared by many people. The movie Jaws, which showed a great white shark attacking people, didn't help their image. But sharks need help.

Scientists say sharks are an important part of the food chain. Some sharks clean the ocean floor and some eat weak or injured animals. And the whale shark, which grows to 15m long, feeds only on plankton.

But sharks are being threatened by fishermen. For example, many fishermen catch sharks, cut off their fins and throw them back into the ocean to die. The fins are then sold in Asia where they are a delicacy.

Many animal groups want to help protect sharks. Working together, last week they launched European Shark Week. Special presentations were made at schools and people signed petitions to help protect sharks.

They say one of their biggest challenges is to get people to like sharks instead of thinking of them as killing machines. It's a tough task but is important to help protect the oceans.

(Staff Writer, with DPA)




1. image n.

形象 (xing2 xiang4)

例: Mom doesn't have a good image of my sister's boyfriend.


2. food chain n.

食物鏈 (shi2 wu4 lian4)

例: Sharks are at the top of the ocean food chain.


3. plankton n.

浮游生物 (fu2 you2 sheng1 wu4)

例: Whales eat lots of plankton.


4. petition n.

請願書 (qing3 yuan4 shu1)

例: I signed a petition last week.




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