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Bad-boy bikers, move over 荒野大「飆」客消遙上路

Sergio Morales takes a break at his repair shop in Havana, Cuba, Jan. 20, 2007.今年一月二十日,西吉爾.莫羅斯在他古巴哈瓦那的修車店休息


Hells Angels, look out! The rapidly aging and affluent US baby boomers are wiping out the violent rebellious image of yesterday's bikers.

Owners over 50 years old now account for one-quarter of the country's estimated 25 million registered motorcycles.

Many of the aging bikers cut their teeth on Fonda's 1969 classic film, Easy Rider, where he played a biker-hippie who encounters death in an intolerant rural America.

But now rural America is singing a different song from Easy Rider.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in South Dakota, where every year in August, the small state population nearly doubles with the roaring influx of some 600,000 bikers.

A major reason the bikers come is for the chance to hang out with other bikers. Bare-armed bikers sporting tattoos, beards and skull symbols mingle with doctors and lawyers, drinking beer and trading tips about their bikes and travels.

Tanya Bradley, 37, a real estate manager, said her idea of someone who rides a motorcycle has changed since she started going to mass rallies about six years ago.

"Once you're in a group like that, you have something in common; it crosses all those other cultural things," she said in a telephone interview after the rally. "You really get to meet a lot of people you may not otherwise."

Despite the melting-pot image, resentment simmers among old-fashioned road rebels.

"Where's your cycle?" one old-school biker from Utah said, kidding this reporter. "You takin' pictures for the FBI?"

But even this gray-bearded rebel sported a token of biking's broadening mass appeal. His son, daughter and son-in-law were riding with him, each on their own bike.

Not a bad sign for the motorcycle business.(DPA)


Ross: Do you think you could repair my tire? I hit a pothole.

Clint: No problem.

Ross: The city needs to do a better job of maintaining the roads. Just look at my bike!

Clint: Yeah, it's tough luck. But I'll have you up and running in no time.

Ross: That's good news.






up and running 可以上路了

To be up and running means to be able to go. It can be used to describe anything from a vehicle to a person. For example, "I was stuck in my room for days with the flu. But after taking that medicine, I was up and running in no time."

我們說「up and running」來表示可以上路了,用來形容車輛或是人都可以。例如:「我因為感冒關在房裡好幾天沒出門。但吃藥之後,我立刻就能起床四處走動了」。













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