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Huge duck-billed dinosaur described 巨型鴨嘴恐龍揭密

An artist's drawing of what the dinosaur might have looked like. 一位畫家畫下這種恐龍可能的樣貌。(照片:美聯社)


The world, it seems, was its salad bar.

Scientists are amazed at the chomping ability of a newly described duck-billed dinosaur. They say its strong jaw meant that no leaf, branch or bush would have been safe.

"It really is like the Arnold Schwarzenegger of dinosaurs - it's all pumped up," said Scott Sampson, who works at the Utah Museum of Natural History.

Duck-billed dinosaurs were pretty scary plant eaters. They had hundreds of teeth and a body that could knock down trees.

This new kind of duck-billed dinosaur was discovered in the western US in 2002. Scientists say it was at least 9m long and 3m tall.

Scientists are now trying to learn if this new kind of dinosaur lived alone or traveled in packs. They also want to know why different species of duck-billed dinosaurs developed.

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1. chomping adj.

囓咬的 (nie4 yao3 de5)

例: The chomping sound I heard was quite scary.


2. jaw adj.

下顎 (xia4 e4)

例: That animal has a really large jaw.


3. pumped adj.

幹勁十足的 (gan4 jin4 shi2 zu2 de5)

例: I think the pumped up man will win.


4. pack n.

一群 (yi4 qun2)

例: Natalie heard a pack of wolves last night.


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