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'Ratatouille' drives Parisian rat craze 《料理鼠王》讓巴黎人為鼠瘋狂

A scene from Ratatouille, a film written and directed by Brad Bird. 此為布萊德.柏德自編自導的《料理鼠王》中的一景


Ever since Ratatouille, a movie about a rat who wants to become a top Parisian chef, came out, people in Paris have been going crazy over rats.

"There is no question there is a real fashion for rats," said Gerald Moreau, 25, who runs a group near Paris promoting rats as pets.

Visits to his Web site have tripled since the movie's French release this summer.

Children are driving the craze -- seeking out soft-coated rats with floppy "Dumbo" ears like Remy, the hero of the Pixar comedy.

"Rats are much smarter, much more interesting than hamsters or mice," Moreau said. "They recognize their name and grow very attached to their owner; they play with you like a dog or a cat."

But Moreau, who with his girlfriend has 19 pet rats, tells parents to think twice before taking one home: "They're very sociable animals, and they need a lot of cuddles and play time."

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孩童間正掀起一股尋找和這部皮克斯動畫喜劇裡的英雄小米一樣,有著一身軟毛與一雙下垂「傻氣」耳朵 的老鼠的熱潮。





1. Parisian adj.

巴黎的 (ba1 li2 de5)

例: Pam wants to work in a Parisian restaurant.


2. promote v.t.

促進 (cu4 jin4)

例: They've been promoting the film for weeks.


3. floppy adj.

下垂的 (xia4 chui2 de5)

例: Susan wants a bunny with floppy ears.


4. sociable adj.

合群的 (he2 qun2 de5),好社交的 (hao4 she4 jiao1 de5)

例: Puppies are very sociable animals.


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