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University very easy for nine-year-old 小神童輕鬆上大學

AFP 法新社

Nine-year-old genius March Boedihardjo at Hong Kong's Baptist University, Aug. 23, 2007.
九歲神童沈詩鈞於八月三日在香港浸信會大學。 照片:歐新社


Hong Kong's youngest ever university student started his math course on Sep. 4. He said he is already bored with the "very easy" class.

The nine-year-old math genius got two grade As and a B in his A-levels in England. The A-levels are normally taken by 18-year-olds.

March Boedihardjo told reporters at Hong Kong Baptist University he was excited about starting school, but the classes were not hard.

"I've learned it a year or two years ago," Boedihardjo said as reporters asked him questions and cameras flashed around him.

The boy appeared impatient with the large number of questions from reporters and kept asking his father when they could leave.

Boedihardjo did not think much of his classmates, either.

"They made no response (in classes). They just listened in the class and didn't interact with each other," he said.

The boy said that his old school friends "wanted to play," unlike the university students.(AFP)









(法新社 / 翻譯:袁星塵)

Today's words 今日單字

1. genius n.

天才 (tian1 cai2)

例: Albert Einstein was a genius.


2. flash v.i. /v.t.

閃光 (shan3 guang1)

例: Cameras flashed as the movie star tripped.


3. impatient adj.

不耐煩 (bu2 nai4 fan2)

例: Impatient drivers like to honk their horns.


4. interact v.i.

互動 (hu4 dong4)

例: Marilyn needs to learn to interact with her classmates.


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