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Treats over for Finnish squirrel 芬蘭小松鼠沒糖吃了

By Mike Kearney

A squirrel takes a break from his studies at Utah State University in Logan, US, Oct. 6, 2006. Photo: Ap
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A squirrel has been making people in Finland very happy this summer. He has been turning up daily at a supermarket for chocolate eggs. But now he has been banned from the store.

The manager of the SIWA supermarket in Jyvaskyla, a city of 85,000 people in Finland, used to allow the squirrel to come into his store. Every day the squirrel ran through the front door and went to the candy section.

He loved to take a kind of chocolate egg that has a little plastic toy inside. After grabbing it, he would run outdoors to enjoy the candy.

Now the squirrel will have to go without the tasty treats.

"It's a decision of the health authorities. The door of the store has remained open all summer, but now it will be shut," an employee at the supermarket said.

Amused customers had been paying for the goodies out of their own pockets.

(Staff Writer, with AFP)


這家SIWA超市位於八萬五千人口的於韋斯屈萊市, 該超市經理過去每天都讓這隻小松鼠進入他的店裡光顧,牠從商店的前門進來,然後直接跑到糖果區。





Today's Words今日單字

1. squirrel n.

松鼠 (song1 shu3)

例: There are more squirrels than people where I grew up.


2. ban v.t.

禁止 (jin4 zhi3)

例: If Cat were president, she'd ban Hello Kitty.


3. authority n.

當局 (dang1 ju2)

例: Al is scared of the authorities.


4. goody n.

糖果 (tang2 guo3)

例: The clown gave me a lot of goodies.


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