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A tall story 高人一等

Leonid Stadnik holds a door as his mother Halyna, left, looks on, April 16, 2004. 2004年8月16日史塔德.尼克在自家中扶著門,他的母親海利娜(左)在旁看著。


A giant veterinary surgeon from northwest Ukraine has been declared the tallest living human by Guinness World Records.

"Guinness World Records has announced the new tallest man in the world as ... Leonid Stadnyk of Ukraine who was found to be 2.57m tall in 2006," spokeswoman Amarilis Espinoza said on Aug. 8.

In the upcoming 2008 edition of the record book, Stadnyk will replace Bao Xishun from Inner Mongolia in China who stands 2.36m tall, she said.

Stadnyk had a growth spurt at age 14 after he had a brain operation. The operation made the gland responsible for growth, the pituitary gland, make extra hormones. These growth hormones made Stadnyk grow very tall. He is now 36 years old.

Stadnyk lives with his mother, Halyna, and helps her to take care of the house and garden, as well as being a veterinarian.

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1. declare v.t./v.i.

宣稱 (xuan1 cheng1)

例: "That's it," Ian declared, "I've had enough!"


2. announce v.i. /v.t.

宣布 (xuan1 bu4)

例: The winner will be announced on Monday.


3. spurt n.

突然的噴射 (tu2 ran2 de5 pen1 she4)

例: The shower is broken; it keeps letting out spurts of water.


4. hormone n.

荷爾蒙 (he4 er3 meng2)

例: Hormones control the way our bodies grow.


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