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A pain in the brain 頭痛

A computer tomography picture shows a pencil inside a woman's head, Aug. 7, 2007. 八月七日的電腦斷層掃描圖片顯示一枝鉛筆插在一位婦人的腦部內。


The picture shows a computer X-ray of a German woman's head. Can you see the pencil?

Margaret Wegner, 55, fell over when she was 4 years old. She was carrying a pencil. When she fell, the 8cm long pencil went through her cheek and into her brain. "It hurt like crazy," said Wegner.

At the time, 55 years ago, doctors didn't have the technology to safely remove the pencil. So Wegner had to live with the pencil in her head. It caused her to have bad headaches and nosebleeds.

Earlier this month a doctor in Berlin used new technology to find out exactly where the pencil was. He was finally able to remove most of the pencil. There is still a 2cm long piece of pencil left in Wegner's brain, but the doctor said that it isn't dangerous.(Staff Writer with AP)






1. technology n.

科技 (ke1 ji4)

例: I don't understand most new technology.


2. headache n.

頭痛 (tou2 tong4)

例: I have a really bad headache.


3. nosebleed n.

流鼻血 (liu2 bi2 xie3)

例: I had a bad nosebleed yesterday.


4. remove v.t./v.i.

移除 (yi2 chu2)

例: Please remove your feet from the chair. (請將你的腳從椅子上移開。)

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