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World's oldest person sprightly until the end 世界最高齡人瑞揮手人世

Yone Minagawa receives the certificate for being the world`s oldest person by the Guinness Book of World Records in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, July, 2007. 今年七月日本福岡縣的曾川瑤子,以全球最高齡的人瑞,領取金氏世界紀錄認證。


Yone Minagawa, who has died at age 114, was as sprightly as ever until the moment she got into bed for her eternal rest, her caretaker said.

Minagawa, who enjoyed good food and a bit of alcohol, died Monday at a nursing home in Japan's southwestern Fukuoka prefecture.

"She was sprightly until a day before," the caretaker said. "When I found her, she looked as if she was sleeping peacefully."

Born on Jan. 4, 1893, Minagawa was widowed at an early age. She raised her five children by selling flowers and vegetables in a coal mining town.

Stout-hearted even after age 100, Minagawa would drink some Japanese sake or other alcoholic beverage every day.

But in recent years, her favourite treat became manju, a Japanese confection made of red bean paste.

"She would tell me, 'arigato, thank you,'" saying the phrase both in Japanese and English, the caretaker said. "That was her habit."

"She was very charming," said the caretaker, who declined to give her name.

Despite her advanced age, Minagawa was said to enjoy eating sweets and counted eating well and getting a good night's sleep as the secrets of her longevity.

Her reign as the world's oldest person lasted just over six months.

The next to become the world's oldest person is set to be an American woman, according to the International Committee on Supercentenarians, a US-based group which documents longevity records.

According to the group, Edna Parker of Indiana, USA is also 114, having been born on April 20, 1893.(AFP)






Paul: Do you know my great-grandfather is the oldest person in the world?

Peter: You've got to be joking. You never mentioned this before!

Paul: That's because it wasn't true until now! The last oldest person only passed away a few days ago.

Peter: Well that makes sense. Still, it seems hard to believe.

Paul: If you think you're surprised, you should have my great-grandpa's reaction!






passed away 過世

Saying someone has passed away is a way to avoid saying he or she has died. You could also say someone is no longer with us or in a better place.

「passed away」是表示死去的委婉用語。你也可以用「no longer with us」或「in a better place」來形容已經不在人世的人。



「她會用英文和日文跟我說『謝謝 。』工作人員說。「這是她的習慣。」





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