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Monkey business 猴子把戲


A baby pygmy marmoset at Froso Zoo in Ostersund, Sweden, Aug. 22, 2006. 2006年8月,在瑞典厄斯特松德市,弗勒瑟動物園的一隻幼小侏儒狨猴。


A man snuck a monkey onto an airplane. He put the little monkey under his hat until passengers saw it sitting on his ponytail.

On a flight from Florida to New York, people around the man noticed that a marmoset had come out from under the man's hat. The man's journey had begun in Lima, Peru.

"Other passengers asked the man if he knew he had a monkey on him," said Alison Russell, who works for the airline.

The monkey spent the rest of the flight in the man's seat and behaved well. Ms. Russell didn't know how security guards weren't able to find the monkey before it got on the plane.

Airport police were waiting for the man and his monkey when the plane landed. It's not clear if the man will get in trouble.

The monkey seems healthy. It might end up in a zoo.







Put it together 句子重組

Put the words below each sentence in the correct order to complete the sentences.


1. Do you know that you _______________ your nose?

on / a / lizard / have


2. The spider _______________ water pipe.

out / of / came / the


3. Police were patiently waiting for the criminals _______________ .

outside / the / bank / of


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