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It's never too late to learn 活到老學到老


Brian May, left, hands in his doctoral thesis to Professor Paul Nandra, head of Astrophysics at Imperial College in central London, UK, Aug. 3, 2007. 梅在八月三日把遞交他的博士論文給倫敦帝國理工學院天體物理學研究所所長保羅•南德拉。


Brian May, the guitarist from British rock group Queen, handed in his doctoral thesis on Aug. 3, more than 30 years after first starting the academic dissertation on a highly specialized area of astronomy.

May started the thesis at Imperial College, London, in 1974, but shelved it when his musical career with the band headed by legendary showman Freddie Mercury took off.

He finally returned to it last year, and completed the 48,000-word extended dissertation after dusting off the manuscript left for over three decades in the loft of his Surrey home.

On Friday he handed in the thesis, called "Radial Velocities in the Zodiacal Dust Cloud", to Imperial's head of astrophysics Professor Paul Nandra. Once assessors have read it he faces an oral exam on the work later this month.

"It's been the longest gap year ever," the 60-year-old musician said. "It was a tough decision back then to leave my studies for music."

"I will have two experts in the field who will now grill me and probably give me hell ... I've been used to getting my own way but with this I had to buckle down and be a student and do what I was told. I did a lot of scratching my head," he added.

May has not completely neglected astronomy during his musical career.He recently co-wrote a children's science book with British astronomer Sir Patrick Moore.

May is due to be quizzed by an academic panel on his PhD thesis on Aug. 23, and their decision is expected shortly afterwards.

The guitarist appeared quietly confident. "I have a philosophical view of things, a stoical view of life, that it will be what it will be. I've done the work and I'm proud of the work."



Shane: Oh no!

Sally: What's up?

Shane: I forgot to call my mom yesterday. It was her birthday!

Sally: Well, why don't you give her a call now and apologize? Maybe send her some flowers, or plan an outing together?

Shane: Good idea. I really should have remembered yesterday. Still, better late than never.






better late than never 遲總比沒有好

Better late than never means that it is better to do something after the time it should have been done than not do it at all.

「Better late than never 」表示錯過時間後再來補救:總比根本都不做來得好。





他補充說:「我將有兩位專家在旁鞭策我,甚或可能把我臭罵一頓 ... 我已經開始習慣用自己的方式,可是對於寫論文,我必須要很認真並且當個學生,做老師教我的事情。我因此感到很頭大。」




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