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Iran unveils world's largest carpet 伊朗展示全球最大地毯


Iran`s state-owned carpet company exhibited the world`s largest handmade carpet on July 31, 2007 in Tehran, Iran. 伊朗國營地毯公司於七月三十一日,在德黑蘭展出全球最大的手工地毯。


Iran unveiled what it said was the world's largest hand-woven carpet, worth US$5.8 million (NT$190 million) and larger than a football pitch, to be laid out in a United Arab Emirates mosque.

The carpet, adorned with green and cream colors, was made in 18 months from 38 tonnes of wool and cotton by 1,200 weavers in three villages in northeastern Iran, said the head of Iran's state carpet company, Jalaleddin Bassam.

It is to be spread out in the mosque in the UAE's capital Abu Dhabi. The mosque bears the name of UAE founding president Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al-Nahayan.

The carpet, measuring 5,625 square meters, was made up of nine pieces that will be stitched together in the UAE to cover the floor of the central praying area of the massive mosque.

There are 2.2 billion knots in the carpet, which was made with the best wool from the southern Iranian town of Sirjan and from New Zealand. It contains 25 colors made up of 20 different natural dyes, Bassam said.

Several trucks were needed to take the carpet for the showing in Tehran and it will go to the United Arab Emirates by air in two separate planeloads.

He added that US$2.3 million (NT$75 million) of the contract will go to the villages where the carpet was made.

"Iran is in talks to make similar carpets for Oman and other Gulf countries," he said.

The handmade carpets, woven mostly by women, use naturally colored wool fibers. The most expensive items use silk fibers that lend a shiny look.






Bill: We just installed carpet in my house. It covers the whole first floor.

Neil: What a terrible idea! Carpets are hard to clean and bad for people with allergies. And they're way too hot to boot.

Bill: But they're so soft, comfortable and beautiful.

Neil: I just think they're more trouble than they're worth.

Bill: To each his own.






to boot 除此之外

To boot means plus or "in addition to." For example: "I'll trade you my computer for yours and give you NT$3,000 to boot."

「to boot」意思是外加或是「除此之外」。例如:「我將跟你交換電腦並另外再給你新台幣三千元。」






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