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Not quite puppy love 貓狗一家親


Chocora, a female miniature dachshund and her adopted baby wild boar at Neo Nature Park in Nago city, Okinawa Province, Japan, June 22, 2007. 六月二十二日在日本沖繩縣的名護自然公園,迷你母臘腸狗「巧克娜」與她養育的小野豬合影。

Photo: EPA

A stray kitten has adopted a three-year-old dog as its mother, feeding from the unusually helpful dachshund in the morning, at night and after naps.

"That's not going to happen very often,'' said veterinarian John Beck, who added that the kitten "got lucky'' in finding a dog with mothering instincts.

The kitten, named Tahoe, was found under the hood of Eunice Collins' running car, a Chevrolet Tahoe, a few weeks ago. Collins kept the kitten. Four days later, she saw her dog, Lillie, feeding him. Tahoe the kitten was purring and pawing at the dog's belly.

"I couldn't believe it,'' Collins said. "She has just taken Tahoe on as her baby and has been nurturing and taking care of him. They're just very close.''

The vet said having Tahoe in the house made the dog think it was pregnant. So Lillie's body began making milk, even though she doesn't have any puppies!

"Now I'm sure the cat obviously had it in mind the dog was (his) mother.''



 這隻名為太浩(Tahoe)的小貓幾星期前在尤妮絲.柯林絲的Chevrolet Tahoe款跑車引擎蓋下被人發現,柯林絲就收留了牠。四天後,科林絲看到自己的狗兒「莉莉」餵牠吃奶,太浩還抓著莉莉的肚皮喵嗚叫。






1. stray adj.

流浪的 (liu2 lang4 de5),走失的 (zou3 shi1 de5)

例: Animals Taiwan is a charity which helps stray animals in Taiwan.


2. hood n.

引擎蓋 (yin3 qing2 gai4)

例: I left my bag on the hood of the car.


3. paw v.t.

(用爪子等)抓 (zhua1)

例: The dog pawed at the door.


4. nurture v.t.

養育 (yang3 yu4),餵奶 (wei4 nai3)

例: It is important to nurture your children.


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