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Gamers read less, do less homework 電玩迷較少閱讀.做功課


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Adolescents who play video games spend less time reading and doing homework than their counterparts who do not play video games, according to a study released earlier this month.

Youths who play video games spent 30 percent less time reading and 34 percent less time doing homework, said the study by researchers at the University of Michigan and University of Texas published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine.

The study was based on a sample of 1,491 young people aged 10 to 19. Among them, 36 percent regularly played video games. The data was collected from time logs the youths kept of how they spent their time.

Eighty percent of those who played video games were males, and they spent more time playing the games than females in the study who also played video games.

Boys spent an average of 58 minutes per day during the week and one hour and 37 minutes on the weekends playing video games, compared with girls who played for 44 minutes per day during the week and one hour and one minute on the weekends.

The boys tended to spend less time reading and the girls tended to spend less time doing homework, the study said. Despite the fact that parents often worry that excessive time spent playing video games will turn their children into lone wolves, game playing did not appear to have a significant effect on the time youths spent interacting with parents and friends.







Colin: Why isn't Marvin in class today?

Butch: He's still sleeping. He stayed up the last three nights in a row to play World of Warcraft.

Colin: That's far and away the dumbest thing he's ever done.

Butch: Why's that? He likes video games.

Colin: He'll get sick if he plays them that much. Sleep is important, too.






far and away???????

Far and away means "by a large amount." For example: "Far and away the most popular candidate in the election was Marty. I think he'll make a great class president."

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