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As good as gold 華麗的金縷泳衣

By Catherine Thomas  /  STAFF WRITER , WITH AGENCIES

A model displays the gold swimsuit, produced by Japan's Ginza Tanaka Jewelry, July 4,2007. ?????????????????Ginza Tanaka????翞?槼?


For people with lots of money, now there's a swimsuit made of pure gold.

A Tokyo jewelry store showed off the swimsuit along with a dress and matching shawl all made of thread spun with 24-carat gold at a workshop in Kyoto.

The method used to make the outfits is more than 1,300 years old. The dress and swimsuit were handwoven. It took 32 days to weave the swimsuit.

The dress weighs 1.1kg and costs 30 million yen (NT$8 million), Ginza Tanaka said.

The swimsuit weighs 500g and is on sale for 10 million yen (NT$2.6 million).

"The dress and swimsuit can be worn normally like any other clothes but should be treated as jewelry, and so shouldn't be washed in the washing machine," a spokeswoman for the store said.


東京的Ginza Tanaka珠寶商推出了一款金縷泳裝,並搭配金縷洋裝與披肩,全都由24K黃金絲線編織而成。


珠寶商Ginza Tanaka表示,這件金縷洋裝重達一點一公斤,售價為三千萬日圓(新台幣八百萬元)。


這家珠寶商的女性發言人說︰ 「這套洋裝與泳衣和其他衣服的穿著方式沒兩樣,但需視為珠寶,不該丟入洗衣機清洗。」



1. spin v.i/v.t.

?? (fang3 sha1)

?: In the old days people used to spin cotton on a spinning wheel.


2. weave v.i. /v.t.

?? (bian1 zhi1)

?: I have decided to weave a scarf.


3. jewelry n.

?? (zhu1 bao3)

?: My mom has many pieces of expensive jewelry.


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