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People boiling over power cuts in Pakistan's biggest city 巴基斯坦第一大城喀拉蚩斷電 民眾氣炸


This picture taken June 14, 2007, shows Pakistani residents sleeping beside a road in Karachi due to power cuts.六月十四日,巴基斯坦喀拉蚩的民眾因為停電在路邊睡覺。

Photo: AFP

The temperature has been going up in Karachi, Pakistan recently. The summer months mean that temperatures are now over 40oC. But even worse than the heat is the lack of power.

The private electricity company that gives power to Karachi is short on electricity, meaning they have had to cut power for over ten hours to some neighborhoods.

People could not use their air conditioners, making them even more hot. TVs and refrigerators also became useless, so restaurants, other businesses and private citizens had to throw away food.

These power cuts have made many people angry, and so young people ran through the city on the night of June 25 burning police cars and setting barricades on fire.

Pakistan plans to build more power plants but they will take years to finish.







1. electricity n.

電力 (dian4 li4)

例: We didn't pay our electricity bill for a few months. Now our power has been cut.


2. useless adj.

無用的 (wu2 yong4 de5)

例: I know my doll collection is useless, but I still think it looks nice.


3. barricade n.

路障 (lu4 zhang4)

例: The police set up a barricade to protect the president from the crowd during the parade.


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