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A future without boundaries 無界的未來


Cows graze on Jay Gordon's organic farm in western Chehalis Valley, Washington, USA , June 5, 2007.六月五日,美國華盛頓州奇哈利斯谷西部的傑.葛登有機農場裡,一群乳牛正在吃草。


The farms of the future won't need fences because the animals will keep themselves on the farm. They will wear battery powered collars which will send electronic signals, Australian scientists have said.

"It's like an electric fence, except it's invisible," Andrew Fisher, a researcher with the government's CSIRO research organization, told The Sydney Morning Herald.

The collars will be linked to a global positioning system (GPS). Farmers will use a computer to set the boundaries of where they want their livestock to be.

The computer-chipped collars will make a buzzing sound if a cow or sheep gets too close to the virtual fence. If the animal keeps walking, a very mild electric shock would make it go back.

Fisher said cattle that had worn the hi-tech collars in a field trial learned to obey the sensory messages in less than an hour.







1. electronic adj.

電子的 (dian4 zi3 de5)

例: Televisions are electronic devices.


2. livestock n.

家畜 (jia1 chu4)

例: Farmer Smith has a lot of livestock. He keeps geese, sheep, pigs, cows and goats.


3. virtual adj.

虛擬的 (xu1 ni3 de5)

例: Lots of people enjoy playing computer games where they can pretend that they live in a virtual world.


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