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Space walking 太空漫步


Right: Jim Reilly and John Olivas work on the international space station, June 11, 2007.六月十一日,吉姆.瑞利與約翰.奧立華斯國際太空站上工作。


Two astronauts on the US shuttle Atlantis started the first of three planned space walks on June 11 to continue building the International Space Station, NASA television reported.

The two astronauts, Jim Reilly and John Olivas, came out from the orbiting space station's airlock at around 9pm British time to start their work.

Their job is to make power and cooling connections between the station and a new 16-tonne truss segment containing solar panels.

Before the astronauts left for their space walk, the S3/S4 truss segment was put on the station with the help of the station's giant robotic arm.

The truss's solar panels will mean the station can generate more power.

The space walk was scheduled to last about six and a half hours, NASA said.

Even though it is called space walking, the astronauts don't really walk — they float. They are attached to the base by a special rope.







雖然稱為「太空漫步」,但太空人並非真的在走路,而是飄浮移動。他們繫著特殊繩子與基地連結。 (法新社/翻譯︰賴美君)


1. orbit v.i. /v.t.

環繞軌道運行 (huan2 rao4 gui3 dao4 yun4 xing2)

例: Earth orbits the sun.


2. airlock n.

氣閘 (qi4 zha2)

例: The astronaut waited in the airlock until it was safe to enter the space station.


3. truss n.

桁架 (heng2 jia4)

例: The lighting engineer climbed the truss to hang a light.


4. segment n.

部分 (bu4 fen4),切片 (qie1 pian4)

例: A Jaffa orange has ten segments.


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